Friday, January 11, 2013

New Era in Tennis

A keen follower of Tennis from many years, I predicted Murray's win at a Grand Slam final in my earlier post & it turned out to be completely true in the next immediate Grand Slam. What I foresee in this year is more and more players able to win tournaments and reaching the finals of Grand slams too and possibly we will have at least one GS winner outside top 4 players. Although it may seem fairly logical & easy when we see Federer and Nadal not dominating, the reason I put forward is that there is not much contrasting styles or variety in the game now, hence less margin due to less differences in players. The single handed backhand, the serve and volley approach will be existing only in antique videos in future. A build up of a wide group of strong players is imminent unless again some considerably superior player emerges and dominates most others. For last few years grand slams used to have top 4 managing to reach the semifinals always but it doesn't look to happen now onwards. It will be more exciting to see more and more upsets and rapid emergence of newer, lower ranked players.


Aditya said...

Kei Nishikori comes to mind as one of those who fits your description and came to fore in last few years ...
Mind sharing your thoughts on the coming Wimbledon .. I will be visiting ... excited :)

Milind said...

Wimbledon semis this year could have least members from the big 4 group..
Zerevs, thiem, many young guns firing on..
But again one among the 'big 4' can manage to win final..
Let's see